Start an Affiliate Program with Payoneer

Do you want to enter the world of Affiliate marketing and earn easy money? If yes, then Payoneer is your answer. You can easily earn up to $1000 per month by this affiliate program offered by Payoneer which is also called their ‘Refer A Friend’ program. Sounds easy, right? Wait, what did you ask? What… Continue reading

Naan – A Must Have in Every Desi Cuisine

Hey everyone! So, I’m here with my first recipe and I’m sure you’re gonna love it as much as I love making it! Since my main focus will be to share some recipes from the “Desi Cuisine” (AKA Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi food), I couldn’t think about anything other than the “Naan”, or as some… Continue reading

How to Make Hair Oils at Home

We all have messed up, stressful routines in our lives which is why we don’t really give much time to our hair. Us women dye, straighten, curl and use harsh chemical products that can seriously damage our hair. This is why many of us have thin and dull hair. It’s really easy to do hair… Continue reading