How to Deal with Anxiety? Tips to Overcome Anxiety and Stress

Let’s talk about mental health, shall we? In the past few months, I have encountered so many incidents and events where people took their own lives because of depression, stress and anxiety. Mental health is still considered a taboo in many parts of the world, especially in Pakistan. People don’t take it seriously and call the patient dramatic and attention seeking. In such a situation, it becomes hard to overcome anxiety and depression.

How to Deal with Anxiety? Tips to Overcome Anxiety and Stress

You guys must have guessed through the title that I’m going to talk about how to overcome anxiety here. I feel that it’s everywhere; from children to adults, everyone has a habit of worrying which sometimes results in stress and anxiety. Excessive sweating, trembling, panic attacks and shortness of breath are some of the common symptoms of severe anxiety.

Do you face any of the above? Here’s how you can overcome anxiety and stress:

1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

The first thing you need to do to overcome anxiety is to practice to stop worrying over small things. There are a number of ways to fight GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) but the most effective of all is the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as it has shown long-lasting improvements.

How to Deal with Anxiety? Tips to Overcome Anxiety and Stress

CBT involves a number of treatments, some of which are as follows:

  1. The therapist has to teach people some useful skills to manage their anxiety which includes tips to control their feelings, behavior and thoughts.
  2. Teaching people to identify their worrying and triggering thoughts.
  3. Introducing relaxing training. This can help people control their physical tension and overcome anxiety.

2. Give Yourself a Break

Have your friends ever called you a “worrywart” or a “party pooper” over your anxious behavior? If yes, keep on reading. Don’t let people call you names or make you feel ashamed of your anxiety; it won’t help you, rather make the problem worse for you.

How to Deal with Anxiety? Tips to Overcome Anxiety and Stress

First of all, make sure you’re not confusing between stress and anxiety. Your aim should be to overcome both experiences but your body reacts to each of them differently.

3. Talk to a Friend:

So, what should you do next? Try to give yourself time to heal and for that, you need to focus on the facts through which you could over power and overcome anxiety. Never blame yourself for how you feel and bring positivity in your life.

Finding someone who could understand your mental condition can be an effort because not everyone has the ability to listen to your problems. Especially in the part of the world where I live, expecting someone to understand and support you can be very difficult. But, it is always considered a healthy activity to share your thoughts to a person you trust and love, or consult a therapist.

How to Deal with Anxiety? Tips to Overcome Anxiety and Stress

It’s NEVER a good idea to keep your triggering thought to yourself. That’s not how you will be able to overcome anxiety.

4. Stop Finding Your Inner Peace on Social Media!

According to Rebecca Burton, a licensed family counselor, many people tend to switch on their smartphones and find a way to cure their anxiousness and anxiety by scrolling through social media. Unfortunately, this method of taking a ‘brain-break’ isn’t quite helpful according to her. This will only make things worse for you as you will be prone to many stressful events and incidents of the world.

How to Deal with Anxiety? Tips to Overcome Anxiety and Stress

While such disastrous updates can make you feel more upset, comparing yourself to other people and looking at their ‘perfect’ lives can become anxiety-inducing factors. Burton doesn’t ask you to stop using social media completely, as it can be a difficult practice, but you should stop constantly checking your Facebook and Twitter notifications.

5. Incorporate a Healthy Routine in Your Life

Another way to overcome anxiety is to work on your lifestyle. Try adding healthy activities into your daily routine. Stay away from junk food, poor sleep patterns, alcohol and drugs.

How to Deal with Anxiety? Tips to Overcome Anxiety and Stress

What I would personally recommend is to introduce some meditating and breathing exercises to your routine. That way you will feel fresh and less anxious.

Lastly, all I want to say is that your mental condition isn’t your fault. Your feelings and your thoughts can’t always be in your control all the time but the above tips may help you overcome anxiety to some extent.