Organic Skincare Brands in Pakistan (Part 1):

You all know that organic skincare has become the ‘in thing’ in 2018 and many popular brands have launched their products worldwide. There are over 100 organic skincare brands, but he most popular ones are from Korea, such as Innisfree, Tony Moly, The Skinfood, and many more. But why are they so popular? It’s because they claim to have the most natural and organic ingredients, extracted from plants most of them. So, since they have little to no side-effects, people all over the world are going gaga over them. From MUA’s to YouTubers, celebrities and other inspirational individuals, everyone is a fan of organic skincare.

Organic Skincare Brands in Pakistan

Back in older days, my mother used to make facial products at home. She used to mix and match different skin-friendly food items from the kitchen, and to tell the truth, they really worked! I still remember her recipes of homemade, DIY masks, but I don’t usually get enough time to prepare those for myself (Let me know in the comments below if you want me to post my mother’s tried and tested DIY skincare recipes).

Organic skincare is trending in Pakistan since 2017 and in this period, many high-quality skincare brands emerged from scratch. It’s also becoming a very popular business these days as more and more people are switching towards organic lifestyle.

My Favorite Organic Skincare Brands in Pakistan:

If you’re reading this and you’re a Pakistani, then you won’t be disappointed because this article is for you. Here you will find a list of all the popular simple organic skincare brands from Pakistan which you definitely need to try. Now, I can’t talk about all of them in one single post so, this is part of “The ‘A la Mode’ Organic Skincare Brands in Pakistan”


Organic Skincare Brands in Pakistan

Salina’s products are hands down one of the best-selling organic skincare brands of Pakistan. They are not too affordable, but they promise visible results. Salina claims that her products are 100% natural. A variety of her products work for both skin and hair problems. I haven’t personally used their products but the customers’ feedback is awesome!

Harvest Bodycare

Organic Skincare Brands in Pakistan

Let’s talk about a very very affordable Pakistan skincare brand, Harvest Bodycare. Now, this is probably one of the first skincare companies hailing from Pakistan which I have personally used (Yes! I’m that old 😀 ). They have a Facebook page where they post a lot of deals comprising of 4-10 products at a very cheap price. I loved using their rose water soap, peppermint scrub, and anti-acne face mask.

Let me share you my experience of their hospitality; I was one of their first customers when their skincare brand launched, and I ordered the anti-acne face mask. Now this mask used to have Himalayan salt as an ingredient, so I complained about it. Ladies! These guys changed the formula of their mask and sent me a whole tub of it without adding the Himalayan salt! I became a fan of Harvest Bodycare instantly! Kid you not, I actually saw a visible difference in my skin as it became softer and smoother after every application.

Spa in a Bottle:

Organic Skincare Brands in Pakistan
Ah! This has to be, hands down, my favorite skincare brand so far. I’m a fan of their Youthful Glow Serum which is a nighttime skincare product. This small cute little bottle has changed my world, and I’m not even exaggerating. I apply this every night and wash it the next morning. The glow it gives to my skin is indescribable.

You guys know how expensive is the Indian Aztec Clay, right? But Spa in a Bottle has it at a cheaper price. I use it once a week, along with their other masks and scrubs. Their skincare products are pure and natural, as claimed by the brand. I have used their serums (24k Gold, Rose Beauty Elixir, Youthful Glow, Lash out), masks, scrubs and, oh, how can I forget about the Activated charcoal powder? I use it as a teeth whitener along with my toothpaste. Check out my review of their products here.

So, these are some of my favorite organic skincare brands from Pakistan. You guys know winter is along the corner (I hope so, it’s too hot 🙁 ), I’m looking forward to adding a few more products to my skincare routine. I will try more brands like Scoop o Scrub, Zee’s Beauty, etc. and come up with a new detailed post later.

Which skincare brand are you fond of? Do you want me to try and discuss it on my blog? Let me know in the comments below!

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