Things You Should Never Do To Your Skin

I have seen so many Instagram makeup tutorials and I’ve always learned one thing, you can never go wrong with makeup if you have good and healthy skin. In fact, your skin can look even more radiant and glowy without makeup too. Wanna know how? Keep reading then!

So, you are a normal person, leading a normal life; waking up in the morning, brushing your teeth and thinking about what kind of workload your boss is going to assign you today. But wait! What’s this on your face? Dry patches? Excess oil? If this is the case with you, this means that you are not taking proper care of your skin and health.

Now, such skin issues happen with almost everyone, mainly because we neglect our health and skin. I won’t suggest you to consult a dermatologist or take expensive facials, but if you really want to, you can. For me, a few simple changes in my lifestyle and skincare routine work as game changers!

So here are a few things that almost all of us do on a daily basis that are affecting our skin in all the wrong ways:

  1. Hot Water Baths:

We all love to take hot showers in chilly weathers, but guess what? Hot water is really bad for your skin no matter how relaxing it feels. Staying in hot water for too long can make your skin rough and dry which can cause itching as hot water washes off the natural oils from your skin. So, turn your shower tap to cold to avoid such harsh effects on your skin.

Things You Should Never Do To Your Skin

If you still want to take hot showers, try to have shorter baths. Apply a good moisturizer or coconut oil on your body to regain the moisture.

  1. Go Easy with Your New Facewash Girl!

I understand the importance of keeping your body clean and following a good skin care routine, but washing your face multiple times a day can make it dry and itchy. While it’s important to wash off all that gunk you put on your face in the form of makeup every day, especially before going to bed, scrubbing and exfoliating your face won’t do any good to your skin. It will damage the skin tissues and take away the natural oils.

Things You Should Never Do To Your Skin

It’s better to opt for homemade scrubs and masks to exfoliate your skin. You can check out my own home remedy here.

  1. Underestimating the “Powers” of an SPF:

There is one thing that you simply cannot forget to use on your face before going out and that is a sunscreen. Trust me, your skin will thank you while you’re out in the sun.

Things You Should Never Do To Your Skin

Most skin experts recommend using a sunscreen moisturizer with SPF 30 for everyday use.

  1. Beauty Sleep is a Thing!

Do you know that your skin repairs and rejuvenates itself while you’re peacefully sleeping? It’s true, and that’s why it’s necessary to have at least 7-8 hours of sleep on a regular basis.

Things You Should Never Do To Your Skin

Develop a daily nighttime skincare routine and incorporate some creams and serums that best suit your skin so that they can work their magic overnight!

  1. Excessive Tanning is Not a Good Idea:

So, are you planning to go on a trip to the beach to enjoy and get yourself tanned? Great idea, but wait! Don’t spend too much time in the sun as it may cause wrinkles and sunburns. Getting a little Vitamin D inside your body is a good thing but remember to use a good sunscreen lotion before you expose yourself in the sun.

  1. Water; the Holy Grail to Good Skin!

Want to know the secret behind your favorite Hollywood actress’s youthful skin? It’s water (and botox, jk). Your body needs water to keep itself hydrated and function.


Trust me, if you make a habit of drinking at least 12 glasses of water every day, you will feel a positive change in your skin.

So, these are some of the things that you should never ever do to your skin plus some habits that you should adopt to get that “no makeup look”.